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Eid | The Story Untold

Eid al-Fitr ("feast of breaking the fast"). Celebrated by Muslims world wide is one of the biggest festivals in India. This day marks the end of Ramadan the islamic holy month of fasting.

The moon is seen after the 29th day of fasting. Eid al-fitr was originated by the islamic prophet Muhammad.

This day is considered as one of the biggest days for the community & it's not just a muslim festival , everyone enjoys the beauty of the festival & takes part in the celebrations as a family.


Ramadan : Before Eid is celebrated people have fast for a month known as the Ramadan. No food , liquid is been consumed between the dawn until the sunset as their devotion to their prophet Muhammad. It is also taken as a sign of purity & after Ramadan a big feast is been arranged that is known as the day of Eid.


Rituals :

Celebrated for 2-3 days. Common greetings during the holiday are the Arabic greetings of "Eid Mubarak" (Blessed Eid) or "Eid Said" (Happy Eid).

Takbirat is read in an open field. Night before Eid is called the "Chaand Raat" , which means "Night of the Moon".Eidi (gifts) is been given to small childrens.Charity is distributed known as Fitra & the most famous sivayyan (Sheer Khurma) is prepared at home for celebrations.


Most popular places to experience the beautiful festival in India :

- Jama Masjid : Delhi

- Mecca Masjid : Hyderabad

- Aishbagh Idgah : Lucknow

- Red Road & Nakhoda Masjid : Kolkata

- Taj-ul Masjid : Bhopal

- Jama Mosque : Mumbai

- Hazratbal Mosque : Kashmir


Date for the Festival : 5th July


We hope this blog have provided you enough information to unveil the hidden story of this beautiful festival;. If you like the vlog please do share it with your social media family .

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