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Maha Shivratri |Mayana Kollai | The Unseen Story

Shivratri means "The Great night of Shiva".

Maha Shivratri , one of the Hindu Festivals celebrated in the honour of Lord Shiva & is largely celebrated in India & Nepal. The festival is a mark of the arrival of spring season. This year it will be celebrated on 4th of March , 2019.

One of the places for the photographers where you can capture the colorful & majestic celebrations of the Maha shivratri at Kaveripattinam near krishnagiri town which is in Tamil Nadu. Hundred & thousands of devotees gathers here for the celebration at the Angalamman Temple.

The Festival is known as Mayana kollai , where Lord Shiva is worshipped on the day of shivratri & on the next day devotees applies colorful makeups & adorn many accessories like garlands & weapons to resemble the Goddess Kali. The Festival will allow you to capture hundreds of stories & lives of people at krishnagiri through your lens.

  • How to reach kaveripattinam?

: You can take a bus from krishnagiri town , which will take around 30 min to reach kaveripattinam.

  • Best time to explore?

: Reach the place early in the morning to capture the unseen stories at the festival. You can take advice from local people about the timings.

  • Lenses to carry?

: As the festival offer to capture great portraits , you can carry a good 50mm lens along with a wide angle lens.

  • Photographs by : Kartik Kumar S

: Vignesh


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