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Usually, we come up with topics that are beneficial for street photographers but today is different. Today, we are here to talk about the pillars who make it all happen. SPI is a community that believes in storytelling and today we start with our own.  These days experts are discussing more and more about how to make the best out of lockdown. Work from home is another kind of so-called privilege that has its own setbacks. For some, there are all perks and for some, it's just another challenge. The questions of what one is doing and what one should be doing are everywhere. So, our team is answering the same too! Ever since SPI announced its team, each member has been contributing the best they can for this community. We asked them some questions to let you know more about what the SPI team is doing during the lockdown.

Aman Singh, Team Kolkata

Aman is busy reading blogs on photography, checking into the official websites of master photographers, editing his archive, attending live sessions of some brilliant photographers. His all-time favorite is documenting his home. Although he didn't set any specific targets, he tries to utilize this time as much as possible. 

Talking about the change in his perspective during these restricted months he says, "one thing I've learned that there is no tomorrow for anything. If you want to shoot now then do it now. Never postpone your plans. Just do it now." He hopes people will show more respect for the freedom and nature once this lockdown is over. What do you miss the most about photography?  "I'm really not missing photography because, now also, I'm shooting at my home if I see something interesting happening. We can do photography anywhere and anytime."

Jobit George, Team Delhi

When asked what's keeping him occupied he says, "this lockdown has definitely brought up a lot of changes in our lifestyle and routine. I find it is a good time to introspect myself and taking care of myself and others at home. I have been spending time learning theoretical photography, reading, and engaging my time in live sessions and workshops conducted by various communities and photographers, as well as photographing my time and life at home during this lockdown as I’m not able to shoot outside."

He shares the goals he has set for himself: "some targets I plan on achieving during this lockdown are to basically help my parents with household works more, complete my pending editing works, learn something new in photography and life, talk to friends with whom I have not been in touch from some time. This pandemic has helped me to stay in the limit, set future goals, helped to reach more topics to cover from this outbreak and pandemic."

Talking about the change that everyone will observe due to the pandemic Jobit explains, "social life, cultural life, streets, and its activities will be no more the same as it looked like before. Poverty and unemployment could be seen more. Personal protection equipment in the form of face masks would be observed more in people's lives. I wish people in and around the world to stay safe and help/take care of each other wherever, whatever and whenever possible, respect and love nature, learn more, and accept things as it comes. Live in harmony and in peace."  What do you miss the most about photography? "I miss my photography life the most, people on the streets, Jama Masjid as Eid festival is around, meeting my photographer friends in my city, everyday stories. As a close observer, I have seen nature getting healed with this lockdown. The light and the sky we are able to see these days are the best. In short the outside world."

Vaishnavi Chandrakumar, Team Graphics

Vaishnavi is trying to work on her thesis while watching shows and movies. Also, illustrating to break the monotony of the day. She is struggling to set up a timetable for herself. Her main target is to get some discipline to work on her project. About the ongoing situation, she says, "more obstacles will always be added to an already difficult situation. It's up to us to always foresee that and be prepared to deal with it because you can't control how things will occur. To most of us, cribbing about this pandemic and staying inside (me included), we need to realize how lucky we are to be in safe home environments. Many people out there do not even have that comfort and there's not much we can do about it. So, we all need to ever be grateful for what we have."  When asked how this period is changing her perspective she explains, "I guess we'll know what we missed the most when you see it again after a long time." What do you miss the most about photography? "It's something I used to do at the moment if I felt it, no matter where I was. But now I miss doing that."   

Ajay Kumar, Team Delhi 

Ajay is a photojournalist and he is working on photography assignments on COVID-19. About utilizing his ideal hours he shares, "yes, if my COVID-19 Photographs will be published in international magazines or newspapers like Times, Wall street journal, NYT, etc. So, that would be a great achievement for me." What do you miss the most about photography? "Nothing because I'm doing it every day."

Ribhu Chaterjee, Team Kolkata

Speaking frankly of his days Ribhu tells, "first of all, I am bored but I go out once in a week to take some snaps and try to make some new content sitting at home." In an attempt to make the best of lockdown, he is trying to invest more and more time in improving his skills in visual arts. Lockdown allowed him to know his art form in a larger way. It has also led to the realization that we'll not get this time back again. He believes that "all will come back to normal and people will be much more conscious about themselves now which is important in some aspects.

  What do you miss the most about photography? "Since I used to roam a lot and take pictures in pre lockdown days, I think that is the main thing I am missing now."

Rohit Biswas, Team Graphics

Rohit shares more about his experience, "I am working on my goals, bit by bit, one at a time. Trying to be a better version of myself. I got so many targets like reading, gym, eating healthy food, cooking, meditation, and appreciating everything small or big."

Rohit talks about the change of perspective after the sudden pause, "it helped me to look inward rather than chasing outward. Search for happiness in every moment, little laughter, few friends, and respect for all that's what matters." He emphasis on appreciating the moment rather than chasing the future.  What do you miss the most about photography? "People and nature."

Prathamesh Shinde, Team Mumbai

Prathamesh is trying to gain extra knowledge by visiting known photographers' profiles. In his free hours, he tries to focus on generating new ideas. When asked what change he wishes to see, he replies, "garbageless streets, less polluted water, etc. All such things will be seen." What do you miss the most about photography? "The streets and beaches."

We hope you enjoyed knowing more bout the team Street Photography India. Drop a comment below if you have any feedback suggestions or queries.

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