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Street Photography India | Top 20

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

With the three year completion of our community , we would like to share the top 20 most liked photographs ever featured on our community. The amazing work by these artists will surely make your jaw drop & will make you motivated to stand out here next time!

20th place is hold by - Mr. Romit Banerjee , with this amazing slow shutter capture.

19th place is hold by - Mr. Debrup Roy , with this beautifully framed photograph , which gives a minimal theme to the image.

18th place is hold by - Mr. Manish jaisi , which this amazing symmetrically framed image.

17th Place is hold by - Mr. Nimit Nigam , for this great work of colors , timing & lighting.

16th place is hold by - Mr. Manish Deo , with his extraordinary shot of the 'dhai handi' function on Krishna janmashtami occasion.

15th place is hold by - Mr.Sourav Das , for this beautiful image , which gives a essence of the beautiful culture in bengal.

14th place is hold by - Mr. Abhay Kanvinde , this image have a different feeling in itself. It shows the unseen , neglected stories from our daily lives.

13th place si hold by - Mr. Fahad Firdous , this unbelievable shot is like a painting , which will make anyone fall in love with it.

12th place is hold by - Mr. Guru Charan , 'well of death' is an event held at different places where small fair take place. This image makes you experience the same action those guys might be having!

11th place is hold by - Mr. Radha Swami , this is again a shot from well of death , which will make you fall from your bed!

10th place is hold by - Mr. Abhishek Hajela , this incredible image is from Haridwar , the land of mysteries.

For the top 10 images stay tuned with Street Photography India.

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