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The journey from a dream to reality requires only two things; first, an initiative, and second, consistency. Back in 2015, one person's dream to bring street photographers around the globe together as a community started to take the form of reality with the establishment of StreetPhotographyIndia. Thanks to the consistent efforts of that one person, today, our community is connecting more than 323k members on our Instagram account. We are proud to say that the community is growing every day.

Very recently we expanded our team; a team that shares the same enthusiasm towards street photography. Selecting each member was a crucial task. After all, it is only from the lens of a street photographer that the world is captured without any sugarcoating, in its truest colors.

After a lengthy process of diving into the ocean of applications, we are pleased to come up with this team of precious pearls and excited to share a little more about our team members' journey with you!

Archit Mittal


Archit is that "one person" who not only dreamt of this community but also made it happen. His one idea has now given a much-needed platform to thousands of aspiring photographers to showcase their masterpieces. A creative head who is a learner at heart can lead a community towards a higher level of perfection. Archit strongly believes that photographs are a great medium for storytelling. Hence, he came up with a tagline that offers the same opportunity to all: "Let's Tell Your Stories."

Nidhi Jain (Team Lead)

Nidhi has been on the team for over a year now. She is interested in the new talents and stories she gets to see around through this community. She is always keen when it comes to storytelling and that's what we do here at Street Photography India; we tell your stories through pictures. Indeed, Nidhi is a perfect match with Street Photography's ideology. Jobit George (Photographer: Delhi)

Jobit is an independent freelance photographer based in New Delhi. By genre of the profession, he is a street, travel and documentary photographer. He loves to document different people, places, cultures, and everyday life stories. After attaining a business degree in the year 2015, he took the decision to pursue his dream of becoming a professional travel and documentary photographer. His first step in this direction was a diploma in photography from Delhi College of Photography, New Delhi. Ever since he has been practicing photography professionally. In the past 4-5 years, his work has been exhibited and published with many National and International magazines like National Geographic, Better Photography Magazine, Canon, National Geographic Traveller India, Digital Photographer Magazine. Among special Honours, he was also the winner of National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2017 and a finalist in the Sienna International Photography Festival in the year 2019. His interest in documenting stories, moments, belonging and identity continues to direct his visual representation of the human conditions and the world around. Ajay Kumar (Photographer: Delhi)

Ajay is a History Graduate from the University of Delhi and holds a diploma in Photojournalism. He embarked on his journey as a photographer when he found the photography society of his college in the very first year. From covering events as a freelance photographer to working with esteemed newspapers and leading major projects, Ajay holds a plethora of experience. His work has been published in international and local magazines. Several of his captured works have been selected as the weekly bests in various virtual photography platforms. Whether on a shoot or just taking a stroll, Ajay can never be spotted without his camera. When asked about it, he says that his camera, for him, is a body part and he doesn’t feel complete without it. He believes that photography is the way of his life today, tomorrow, and for all the time to come. Ajay hopes to achieve success and to make his mother proud one day. Prachi Shetty (Photographer: Mumbai)

Prachi’s childhood hobby turned into her career choice when she turned 21. From a clueless Management graduate to joining her family business, ie, a travel firm, photography was the only thing that remained her constant peace. When she realized nothing else brings her as much joy and satisfaction as capturing a moment does, she took to the streets and started out as a street photographer. For the first time, a turning point felt right to her. Self-taught in tools and techniques, she assisted commercial shoots for some well-known brands and began to work as a commercial and wedding photographer. The support of her photographer friends and fellow colleagues is a crucial part of her learning process. Prathamesh Shinde (Photographer: Mumbai)

Prathamesh is a photographer based in Mumbai, India for the last 2 years. He loves to capture motions, things, actions, emotions of the people. Also, he is being featured on the Motorola India’s Instagram. For Prathamesh, the subject of the picture is more important than the picture. Rarely when not searching for the perfect shot, he studies banking and insurance.

Aman Singh (Photographer: Kolkata)

Aman is from Kolkata, India. A student by profession and a photographer by passion. He is a photographer for the last 3 years. He loves to capture everything which he finds to be interesting. For him, photography is just a medium to reflect one’s inner self. He is also fascinated by the rich culture, the heritage, the colors and the history of his nation, India. Ribhu Chatterjee (Photographer: Kolkata)

Other than being a college student, Ribhu love to capture unique moments. He is doing this for the last 2 years. His love for travel serves as a bonus to his street photography. He doesn’t consider himself a professional yet, but he works as a freelancer. After all, he is just trying to create what he dreamed of. Sushank Banerjee (Videographer)

Sushank is from Kolkata. By profession, he is a student and by passion, he’s a cinematographer. He’s doing cinematography for the last 2 years. He loves recording because it feels that it caption memories when he records. For Sushank, cinematography is a bank of memories that he can relive anytime. At times, he prefers not to distract himself by recording it for the rest of the world rather he stores it in his heart, just for himself.

Prathyaksh Raju (Videographer)

Prathyaksh is a filmmaker based out of Hyderabad. He started as a freelance videographer during his college days and then went on to work with many brands and organizations such as Xiaomi India on various video projects. He also made aftermovies for music concerts featuring artists like Nucleya, Divine and AR Rahman! Interesting, isn't it? Vaishnavi Chandra Kumar (Graphic Designer)

Vaishnavi is currently an Architecture student (for like another 3 months :p) / Architect by profession. Everyone sees different things but through a photograph, one can freeze a moment to show others what one sees. That is what photography means to her. Being in this field opens out the possibility of exploring graphics and photography. So it's something she has been doing for a while now. What started out as a mere fun thing to do while being on vacation has transitioned into something more, something that influences her design decisions too. So, photography to her is more than just aesthetics, it's designing the perfect story through a picture.

Rohit Biswas (Graphic Designer)

Rohit is from Kolkata. He studied Graphic Designing for four long years. He has been working as a professional Graphic Designer for the past one year. Photography is one of Rohit’s favorite hobbies that he manages to pursue along with his career.

Sukriti (Writer)

Once upon a time, a 15-year-old dreamt of becoming either a wildlife and nature photographer or a documentary filmmaker someday. Nearly 10 years down the line, she is not even close to an amateur photographer. But soothes her 15-year-old self by capturing the moments in her android phone and describes the hidden message. Street Photography India brought her a little closer to her faded dream. Now, she aspires to learn from the team of pro artists she’s presently working with.

Her name is Sukriti, a literary scholar and a writer. The best part about opting for writing as a profession is the immense knowledge of diverse subjects with every new workpiece. As a writer, she believes in the strength of words, ie, once said, words stay in the universe forever. Hence, she thinks thrice and yet, at times, prefers not to speak. When not hiding behind her workstation or lost in her thoughts, she is wandering around the colorful cities and wakeful woods in search of peace and “the perfect shot.”

Soon you'll be seeing a lot from this team's combined efforts. Great things are sure to happen when artists come together with the sole purpose of learning.

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