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About & Vision:


Emerging as an extension of Street Photography India, our community was established with an international vision. We recognized the diverse tapestry of global photographers connected with us through social media and felt the pressing need to create a dedicated platform for them.

Our vision is clear and ambitious: to transcend national boundaries and unite street photographers worldwide. By fostering a collective space for shared experiences and artistry, we aim to strengthen the global street photography community's bonds.


Street Photography Black & White​

Launched in 2016 as our inaugural international community, Street Photography Black & White is a testament to our desire to broaden our horizons. This platform exclusively celebrates street photography in its timeless black & white format, paying homage to the roots of photography. Beyond its nostalgic appeal, black & white imagery offers a powerful storytelling medium, often rendering narratives with greater depth and emotion compared to their colored counterparts.

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Street Photography World Wide:

Born in 2017 from the encouraging response to our previous international endeavor, Street Photography World Wide set out with an ambitious aim: to further broaden our global reach and unite an even larger community of photography enthusiasts. Since its inception, our growth has been meteoric. Today, we're proud to be connected with over 100,000 individuals from every corner of the globe, celebrating the art of street photography together.


Check out our social media:

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  • YouTube
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