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Who are we?

Born from a passion for photography in 2015, Street Photography India is more than just a community; it's a collective journey of learners and enthusiasts. Our mission? To carve out a space where like-minded individuals can converge, explore, and immerse themselves in the diverse realm of art.


From our humble beginnings with Street Photography India, we have blossomed into a network of five vibrant communities. Through our media platforms, we don't just showcase street and documentary photography; we also champion the rich tapestry of Indian art in all its forms.

Art Gallery


At Street Photography India, we see art as a powerful form of storytelling. Our aim is to amplify the voices of countless artists, allowing them to weave their tales through our platforms.

Our horizon stretches beyond just showcasing photography. We envision a transformative culture where photography and art are celebrated and recognized for their profound impact on society and our daily lives.

Our channels to reach this vision are diverse - from social media, art events, and publications to tangible memories in the form of books and prints. And as we venture forward, we continually seek to explore even more avenues.


At Street Photography India, we're dedicated to offering the pinnacle of knowledge on street and documentary photography. We guide our community members not just in understanding this captivating art form but also in mastering its practice and application.

Street photography isn't just about taking pictures; it's about narrating the myriad tales of everyday life. Every corner, every street, every moment has its unique story waiting to be told. We proudly showcase the works of visionary photographers who've inspired us with their profound insights and invaluable contributions to this artistic realm.

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