Who are we?

We are a bunch of learners in the field of Street Photography & Documentary photography, who had a vision to build a community for many others like us , where we could all join together & experience the whole new world of art. We started in the year 2015 , with the main community Street Photography India & gradually expanded in five other communities. It is been a great journey till now & would be a greater journey in future. We share street photography, documentary photography on our media handles.

Art Gallery


We believe in storytelling & we want to give chance to every possible artist to tell their stories through our platforms.

Our vision is to reach as many people possible interested in this art , to create a whole new culture for street photography & to promote the importance of such subject in our society & in our lives. We want to reach the peoples by any means possible , through social media , art events , books , prints , & others in the near future. 

Our vision also included passing on the knowledge to the learners in the field & give them a platform to fulfill all their learning needs. After all we are here for our community members & they are our first priority in this journey.


We believe in providing the best information to our community members about the subject of street & documentary photography , how to practice the art & how to implement those learnings.  

Street photography is all about capturing the stories of daily life , every place have its own story , we share stories of different photographers that have been inspiring us with their knowledge & contribution in the field of art. 



A Tagline shows what a community is all about & we stand by it completely .

"Let's tell Your Stories" is a one line description to our whole community , we are here to give platform to every individual & showcase their work with many others connected with our community. Street Photography itself is about the stories of the photographer , the place , the occasion , the emotions of the subject & we believe to share as many as possible stories that are been untold till date.