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about us

Street Photography India stands as a prominent online art community, curating and featuring exemplary street and documentary photography from both Indian and international talents. Recognized as one of India's leading street photography collectives, our presence spans various social media platforms.

With every initiative, we aim to make a significant impact, striving to elevate and celebrate the art of photography with our dedicated efforts.


To us, photography is the embodiment of stories. It's the tale glimpsed through the lens of the photographer, the narrative of the subject, the history of a place, and the sentiment of a fleeting moment or grand occasion.

Photography, in our eyes, transcends boundaries. It’s an art form where race, caste, and gender blur into insignificance, giving way to pure, unbridled creativity and imagination.



A tagline encapsulates the essence of a community, and ours truly embodies our mission. "Let's Tell Your Stories" isn't just a phrase – it's a testament to our commitment. We offer a platform for artists to share their unique narratives, capturing the emotions, occasions, places, and inherent stories through their lenses. Street Photography isn't just about images; it's about the tales waiting to be told, and we're passionate about bringing to light the untold stories from every corner.


Archit Mittal (Founder)

"For me it's always been a great learning experience in managing the communities. It started with a vision to have a community where learners can come together & have a chance to get their work showcased. The family grew bigger & stronger day by day. As a traveller I found photography as a great medium for storytelling & that's why our tagline says "Let's Tell Your Stories"

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