This is the first platform on which we started our journey. There were no communities promoting Street Photography in India on this platform when we joined & then we took an initiate to build a community on instagram.

Here we usually promote / feature photographs by selecting them through our hashtag #streetphotographyindia. We Chose this platform as it was an emerging media for photographers & other visual artists .

Facebook :

Facebook been a great platform for connecting with millions of people was the building stone of our community after Instagram. We are on facebook as long as we are on instagram , we have a Facebook page that is connected with people other than Instagram & to provide them the similar information as on other medias. 

We also have a Facebook Group , where we provide opportunity for the members to post there photographs among the many other connected us on the group.

To join the group click below :

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As the social media world is expanding we try to be connected as many possible people as we can through various media platforms. The biggest one for video streaming & sharing been Youtube , we has started our own channel to provide information in form of Videos & series to the people & share different photographers view through the channel.

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Twitter :

We started twitter a long after the other social medias , on twitter we just post the photographs & the photographers profile to connect with more number of people. As we will be growing our community of twitter we will start different campaigns that would be beneficial for both our members & our community.

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