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This is the first platform on which we started our journey. There were no communities promoting Street Photography in India on this platform when we joined & then we took an initiate to build a community on instagram.

Here we usually promote / feature photographs by selecting them through our hashtag #streetphotographyindia. We Chose this platform as it was an emerging media for photographers & other visual artists .

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 7.43.06 PM.png

Facebook :

Facebook been a great platform for connecting with millions of people was the building stone of our community after Instagram. We are on facebook as long as we are on instagram , we have a Facebook page that is connected with people other than Instagram & to provide them the similar information as on other medias. 

We also have a Facebook Group , where we provide opportunity for the members to post there photographs among the many other connected us on the group.

To join the group click below :

  • Facebook


As the social media world is expanding we try to be connected as many possible people as we can through various media platforms. The biggest one for video streaming & sharing been Youtube , we has started our own channel to provide information in form of Videos & series to the people & share different photographers view through the channel.

Check out our Channel: 

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