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Street Photography | Approach | Quick Tips

One of the misconceptions that many people hold is that anything captured on the streets is classified as Street Photography. Well it depends upon a lot of things/ways in which you approach a photograph.

The Basic definition of Street Photography is the photograph captured in any environment not necessary a street or urban , having a human subject or subject projecting human characters , & telling a story to the viewer , can be categorised as a street photograph.

Street Photography tells a story to the viewer about the photograph , about the subject , about the scenario. Some of the genres of photography that have a thin line of difference than of street photography are Documentary photography , Photojournalism , & Candid Photography.


Some approaches for doing photography on streets :

1. Look for stories: There are millions of stories out there on the streets , approaching for the streets you should focus on the stories , the hidden story that might be a good frame to showcase out in the world. A photograph may clicked on a street will not be categorised as a street photograph until there is a story that the image tells. Surely the photographer may have the story but if he/she cannot convey that through the photograph , the photograph loses its value.

2. See the Unseen: As a street photographer you have the chance to capture something that the ordinary people may miss out in their busy lives. Something that is unnoticed , unseen , a hidden gem in the place full of stones. That is something that will bring a great story for the photographer to tell through his/her image.

3. Explore: One of the most easiest way to find the "perfect shot" is to explore as much as you can. The more you explore the streets the more you will learn to observe, & the more you observe , you will surely get that perfect click for your collection.

4. Find a Subject : Street Photography is the best way to find hundreds of subject in a single location. Find the subject that tells a story & try to wait for the perfect moment to press that shutter & capture that moment in your camera.

5. Follow the light: Light is a great friend for a street photographer , you can play with the exposure setting & the shutter speeds to get some great shots on the street. It will be a hard task for the beginners in the field to adjust the camera settings according to the kight & situation , but gradually you will learn to do so as you continue hoot in the streets. For the beginners try to capture on auto setting & learn how the camera changes the setting & then shift to the manual setting & then you can adjust it accordingly.

6. Be confident & respectful: This is a very important thing to remember while taking photographs on the streets, Be confident in your approach to capture your desired frame , there will be a little hesitation for some in the beginning but that will go with time. Also while shooting take care that if the subject find it uncomfortable that someone is shooting him/her , be respectful & stop shooting. You will find many stories ahead in your search.


Quick Tips :

1. Look for the stories

2. See the unseen

3. Follow the Light

4. Start in a crowd

5. Be confident

6. Wait for the perfect moment

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