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Spi Experiences | Urban Art Fest Mumbai 2023

The Breathtaking Murals

As you experience the theme Between the Sea and the City, you will be engulfed in an inseparable smell of the sea. In Part 1, the Vayeda Brothers and Andha Ras paint ocean blue and green murals on the Sassoon Dock building.

The Sea, ocean, and city

Experienced the beautiful relationship between the sea, the ocean, and the city. First, there is Serge Attukwei Clottey's Sea Never Dries.

It's a 17-year-old ongoing installation that uses yellow gallon cans used in Ghana to store cooking oil, and eventually water. When discarded, it blocks waterways and ends up in the ocean, illustrating the contradiction between conservation and destruction of water.

People of the docks

Famous Mexican artist Paola Delfin has painted working Koli women on a wall in a monochromatic style. In her words: “I want to tell the story of the people working at the docks. In Sassoon at dawn, I was surrounded by breathtaking activity - saris with limitless patterns, smiles, voices, trading, friendship, and colorful boats. Despite their differences, everyone comes together through a shared past and relationship with the sea. The mural is a reminder of the importance of community and teamwork, of supporting each other.”

She was inspired by the love and support people shared on the docks.

No Selfie Zone

French artist RERO’sinstallation shows the artist’s strikethrough typographic style and available materials in Sassoon Docks. The position of mirrors and fishnets interfere with the reading, as viewers try to extricate the words ‘sell fish’, ‘selfish’,shellfish’, and ‘no selfie zone’.

SPI's Honest Review:

It was a great experience to be able to see art from a whole different perspective , the way the artists used the sea elements & showcased the voices of the fishermen were really fantastic. Another thing we noticed is how the artist community from different parts of our country thinks & have a signature way to showcase their art to the public.

Image via : Prathamesh Shinde

Content via : Gaurvi Sharma

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