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Street Photography India : FAQ

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

FAQs About Street Photography

1. How to get started in street photography?

  • The first thing you need is a passion for street photography, a passion to let your pictures capture what your eyes see but your words can't explain.

  • A camera to keep you moving.

  • A public place for you to start.

  • Locate anything or anyone that interests you and capture it.

  • Learn more about the composition rules.

2. What is the most important thing to remember while doing street photography? The most important thing to remember while practicing street photography is to just go on the streets and start practicing. It's an art you will learn better and better through consistent practice. It's also about patience, for instance, a great frame is not enough, waiting for the decisive moment, ie, for any subject to arrive and then you can get a good shot. 3. What is another key element in street photography? If a street photographer is an artist then the street is his/her canvas. Observing your surroundings to make the subject clear is another key. Pattern, textures, lights, are some examples that can help in bringing the subject into focus. Try to get away from the distractions which might confuse the viewer in locating the subject. Click Here to get more tips on the right approach towards Street Photography.

4. Do equipment matter for street photography? Any modern camera including a smart phone's camera, a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, all will work the same when it comes to street photography. In short, street photography is more about the moments than the cameras. 5. What is street photography? In simplest words street photography or candid photography is the genre wherein a photograph captures a public place in its original appearance; without altering its environment. 6. Can a photograph without a human subject be considered as a street photograph? Although a human subject is a significant element in street photography, it is not necessary to always have one. In fact, many popular street photographs shift the focus from humans and make animals, infrastructure, colors, scenery, urban-rural landscapes, or others as the subject. 7. Is it necessary for street photography to always be candid? The answer is both yes and no. At times, a photographer gets caught in a scenario where the subject notices or stops, and suddenly, the candid moment transforms into a portrait. While many dismiss such photographs from the perspective of street photography, others believe it is honest and therefore must be considered. After all, living beings do react and that's as natural as street photography! To stay clear of criticism many photographers prefer to call such photos as "Street Portraits." 8. What is good street photography? A good street photograph is the one which does the speaking for itself, no captions are necessary to explain a good street photo because it has the potential to narrate its tale. According to many professionals, a photograph that stops the viewer for a moment to have a deeper look at it or to ask questions about it is considered the best. 9. Why is street photography so popular? Street photography interests a vast community as it serves as a medium for showcasing creativity through simplicity. To many, street photography is the best way to capture unplanned moments scattered all around us that are otherwise hidden underneath the regular life. 10. Is street photography legal? As the majority of the countries, it is legal in India also to take random photographs in public places with an exception for the places with guidelines/ signboard suggesting "no photography." Otherwise, a street photographer doesn't need anyone's consent to click photographs in a public area. 11. Is it illegal to take a picture of a random person? It is important to be professional and remember photography ethics while on the streets. One doesn't have to take everyone's consent before clicking a picture. However, it is illegal to click anyone's photograph who objects it. 12. Is it important to have a theme in mind before starting? It is one's personal choice whether he/she clicks photograph based on a specific theme or freely captures any random incident.

FAQs About SPI Community

1. How to get Featured on the page? To get featured on our Instagram page,

2. Do you select only from the hashtags? Of Course, a majority of the images featured on our Instagram page are selected from the hashtags. 3. What is the purpose of the SPI community? As the name suggests, this community brings together street photographers together and gives them a platform where their masterpieces can be shared. Our purpose is:

  • to provide a platform for talented street photographers,

  • to establish a better understanding of street photography with every work we feature,

  • to inspire beginners to learn more about street photography.

4. Do you only feature photographs clicked in India? We feature photos from all over the globe on our Street Photography Worldwide page. 5. How often do you conduct photography contests? We conduct competitions twice a month. We come up with distinct themes each time. 6. What resolution of pictures do you accept for features and competitions? So far, we focus on the essence of photographs, not the resolutions. 7. Do you accept a photograph with a watermark? We may feature images with watermarks on our Instagram pages but we aren't a fan. Hence, we don't shortlist a watermarked image for the competition. 8. Do you take charges for posting photographs? Every photograph that is featured on any of our platforms is solely on the basis of talent. Thus, we don't charge for featuring works.

9. Do you provide internships/courses? We don't provide any internships or courses presently. But we will be offering some courses in the near future.

10. How many sub-pages do you have? Apart from our major page Street photography India we lead five other pages. All these pages share one thing in common, ie, the theme of street photography.

We hope you have a clear idea of street photography and our community. If you still have some questions do share us in the comments below.

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